Noisy – New Hybrid Synth From The Makers Of Touché

Expressive E, the team behind the brilliant Touché controller and the upcoming Osmose synth, just introduced Noisy, a new and quite peculiar VST.
Noisy is a hybrid of physical modeling and subtractive synthesis, built on the principle of acoustic resonance.

According to the French company, Noisy’s intuitive (and let me add, gorgeous-looking) interface and multidimensional sound design system produce lively and organic sounds with extraordinary expressive potential and complex textures and articulations. Yet behind the scenes, parameters are seamlessly optimized in real-time so that no matter what you adjust, the sound always remains highly playable.

Hear Noisy in action by watching the demo video below:

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The Concept Behind Noisy

When the strings of an acoustic instrument are hit, they vibrate and go into resonance, creating timbres that constantly and vividly fluctuate as they dissipate. Noisy recreates this organic response by sending noises into a suite of resonators. The random, continuously changing behavior of the noise enlivens the sounds with unique character. 

Each resonator has an acoustic and a subtractive dimension. The “acoustic” side emanates from optimized comb filter technology, while the electronic, subtractive synthesis side applies resonance to traditional waveforms, a new concept called Resonant Oscillators. 

Versatile Sounds And FX

Every preset has four distinct dimensions of sound design, which can be used on their own, or combined seamlessly with each other. In addition, a preset layering system lets you mix the dimensions of two different presets, allowing endless possibilities for sonic creation.

Also, a complete tool set of expressive effects allows you to go much deeper into enhancing your sounds. The FX section is ideal for real-time manipulation and easily creating fluid articulations, breaks, drops, etc… Convenient FX macros make it easy to explore the boundaries of expressiveness.

If you want to know more about Noisy, please check out this walkthrough video:

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 Perfect for Touché and Touché SE

As you would expect from the makers of such an innovative controller as Touché, Noisy’s four sound design dimensions are an ideal playground for Touché and Touché SE.
Check out the video below for a short demo:

For more information about Noisy, visit

Pricing and Availability

Noisy is now available in VST and AU plug-in formats for macOS and Windows 10 with a regular price of $/€149 (currently on sale for Black Friday, 50% OFF, here).  

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