The Free iZotope Vinyl Plugin Is Back (With A Twist!)

Remember Vinyl, the free vinyl simulation plug-in that started the iZotope story two decades ago? I have fond memories of this plug-in – I believe I first installed it on my good old Powerbook G3 (Pismo) – and I’m glad to see iZotope just brought it back with a new, improved version.

According to the company, with a modernized UI to contain the classic, vintage tones of the original, the latest version of Vinyl brings instant audio transformation to creations with visual clarity and style.

With Vinyl, users can give their production a new, nostalgic character in seconds by applying old-school warmth, age-worn dust, or vintage turntable sounds to their music. The latest version features a Lo-fi effect that allows creators to instantly apply the saturated, worn timbre of late-80’s hip-hop and reproduce the character of second-hand records.

Vinyl Features:

Lo-fi – Instant, old-school character inspired by 80’s resampling

Mechanical Noise – The amount of turntable motor rumble and noise

Electrical Noise – Internally generated electrical noise, such as 60 Hz grounding hum

Wear – Control how worn out the record is, from brand new to played a few thousand times

Dust – The amount of dust on the record

Scratch – The number and depth of scratches on the record

Warp – The amount of warping and the warp shape for the record – from no warp to the edges totally melted and warped

Record Player Year – The year of the record player – from current linear tracking turntables to 1930 phonographs

Stereo/Mono – Switch between stereo and mono output

Input and Output Gain – Set the gain in and out of the effect with visual level meter feedback

How To Get Vinyl For Free

To get your free copy of Vinyl, or update your plugin, please visit the iZotope product page. Also, make sure to check out the inspiring articles on how to make the most out of this iconic plugin in multiple genres.


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