Logic Pro 10.6 Update – No Catalina? No Party!

Logic Pro drops its X and reaches version 10.6. It’s a significant update, that makes it more compatible with the latest generation of Apple computers announced a few days ago. At the same time, the Logic Pro 10.6 update adds support for all Novation Launchpad controllers and brings not well-specified stability and performance improvements.

iPhone and iPad users can now run Logic Remote on their devices to control the Step Sequencer, which allows creating beats, bass lines, and melodic parts.

Unfortunately, OS X users with Mojave and previous systems will have to give up on this update. Logic Pro 10.6 is only compatible with Catalina and Big Sur.

My advice? If you have a (relatively) old machine, I would recommend staying with Mojave and “crystallize” your setup. The compatibility with Catalina has proved to be problematic for a number of audio software and hardware companies, and while most of them now officially support Catalina, you might want to double-check their recommendations to make sure your gear and plugins will work.

For Big Sur it’s still early days – most if not all companies are warning their customers to wait on this system update, for obvious reasons.

Also, don’t forget that 32-bit apps and plugins will stop working in Catalina (and Big Sur, of course). Don’t upgrade to Catalina or Big Sur until you are sure that you are not needing 32-bit apps and plugins.

How to check if your applications are still 32-bit?

Since we’re here, we might as well check this if you are running a pre-Catalina machine. Under the Apple Menu, go to About this Mac, and click on System Report.
On the list on the left, under Software, click Applications.

There’s a category across the top named 64-bit (Intel). If it says “Yes”, it’s 64-bit compatible. If it says “No”, it’s not. Click the 64-bit (Intel) in the header and it will sort by “Yes” or “No”.

Here’s a screenshot from my Mac:

Price and Availability

Logic Pro 10.6 is a free update for existing users. New customers can purchase it for $200/£200/€230 from the Mac App Store.

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