2.2 Update For Vector, The Czech Hybrid Digital Synth

Vector is an interesting unashamedly digital synth, launched last year by a small but brilliant Czech team.
In a few words, Vector is a touchscreen-based hybrid synth, combining several synthesis methods. It might remind you of some of the best iPad apps, such as Animoog, but Vector obviously feels more like a proper instrument (and you won’t have to share it with your children that want to play a game, or with your other half who needs to look at that online recipe).

The new 2.2 release builds on the recent versions 2.0 and 2.1 which introduced the Corner Matrix for a much more versatile configuration and placement of LP, HP and BP filters, increased polyphony to 16 voices, extended the orbiter with a new ADSR shape with separate envelope controls, and came with a brand new manual.

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Synth Engine Improvements

Version 2.2 doubles the number of available user preset slots including new built-in presets. Thanks to Andre’s DSP-fu, The Overtone Generators’ oversampling factor has been quadrupled giving a cleaner and more transparent spectrum, the Overtone Blend mechanism is now even more profound, pushing the envelope of timbral combinations further yet. Additionally, the ADSR Orbiter Warp now has its amplitude and frequency range increased for audio-rate movement.

Improved effects

Splice Sounds

According to the Czech company, the built-in effects in Vector have never been off the shelf fillings, but are specifically designed to accent the ever-evolving timbres produced. Moving forward, Reverb is now denser and menacing, Chorus is melting and thawing, and Delay’s filtered echoes have a delightfully crooked phase disappearing into everywhere.

Price and Availability
Vector can be shipped worldwide, its availability is not limited to the EU anymore.
The price is 23 890 CZK (approximately €899 or $1050).

To learn more about Vector and order yours please visit the official website.

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