Streamline Your Recording Sessions With The Recording Setup App

Are you still using paper and pen to prepare your recording sessions? From today you won’t have to. The Recording Setup App is a new cross-platform application aimed at audio engineers that helps in the planning, setup and archiving of recording sessions.

The Recording Setup App is designed to replace the pen and paper method of the preproduction stage, and instead allow users to virtually drag and drop images of microphones over instruments, automatically creating a table for each instrument with its respective microphones.
The tables and microphone placements, along with accompanying notes and the list of microphones, can then be exported and used as a reference to set up the recording session.

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The application also provides a consistent archiving system across all the recording sessions with a well-organized folder that contains all the exported files which can later be accessed for referential purposes.

According to the developer, many new features are already in the works to eventually offer a complete set of tools aimed at every stage of the music production process.

• Build your virtual microphone locker from images of microphones and use them in the app.
• Drag and drop microphones over instruments and automatically create a table for each instrument with its respective microphones.
• Export images of your setup.
• Input your microphones’ specifications and access them all at a glance.
• Automatically create a list of the selected microphones and export it as a text file.
• Use the notepad to take accompanying notes and join them to the session’s log.
• Reproduce the labelling of your physical recording setup for quicker, error-free patching.
• Customize almost anything to suit the actual configuration of any session.
• Get a visual indication of when phantom power is required.
• Save your progress or template and access it on any device when you need it.
• Two audio engineering calculations tools are included: a delay time calculator and a milliseconds-to-samples converter.

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Pricing and Availability

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The application is available for desktop computers (Windows, Mac OS) and mobile devices (iOS, Android) in two editions:

The Full Edition is a one-time purchase that includes all the future app updates and new features. It is available for $49.99 (49.99€).
The Lite Edition is a free, fully functional version with limited functionality. It includes four microphones to get up and running right away.

To learn more and order the app visit the official website.

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