Scaler 2.1 – Major Update For The Producer-Friendly Tool


Scaler 2, one of our favorite tools for composers and songwriters (see our recent Scaler 2 review), has just got even better.

If you’re not familiar with Scaler 2, here’s a quick description straight from our review: Scaler 2 is a (VST/AU/AAX) plugin for composers and producers, which makes it easier working with scales, chords and melodies. To wrap it up, we found Scaler 2 to be a fantastic inspiration source, relatively easy to use and very affordable. Plus, it comes with its own sound library but it also works great with all the other instruments/libraries you have in your DAW.

Plugin Boutique has released the 2.1 update, which brings several improvements. Users can now take control of individual notes and velocities in each chord with the new chord editor.

Also, Scaler 2.1 boasts new and improved accuracy and the ability to detect the content of audio files – finding the key of a track has never been easier!

Performance tools have been improved as well, giving users the chance to use more unusual time signature such as 5/4 and 12/8.

Please check out this extensive Scaler 2.1. overview to learn more about the update.

Scaler 2.1 is a free update for Scaler 2 users. Just login to your PB account and download the new version.

We’re impressed with the developer’s commitment to improving an already excellent product (definitely one of the best plugins of 2020!), and we look forward to seeing what’s coming next.

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