Learn Songs Faster With deCoda – Now Updated With Plugin Support!

As 2019 was near the end – and we didn’t know yet what 2020 really had in store for us all – zplane quietly launched deCoda, a new standalone software for music transcription, learning and practice. In seconds, deCoda will show you the key, tempo, chords where the verses and choruses are and more.
In case you missed the initial release, it might be a good time to check it out – deCoda just got a major update (1.1), adding audio input and plugin support so you can hook up your instrument and play along to the music with your signature sound!

What’s deCoda

Picking apart and learning a new song is a time-consuming and sometimes difficult process for any musician. zplane has combined numerous audio technologies within deCoda to make it easier and quicker to learn and practice new material. deCoda is software designed to help both new and established musicians with learning and practising passages of music.

Using simple drag and drop functionality, deCoda will automatically recognize and map the chords, song structure and tempo. The user can then play through sections at variable tempos starting off slowly and building up speed as proficiency increases. The musical key can also be instantly transposed, pitch changed in both directions by up to an octave and a focus EQ tool can isolate parts of the audio spectrum based on the frequency and panning information.

deCoda Key Features

  • Find Key, tempo and chords with the help of advanced algorithms
  • Learn to play songs in parts with flexible looping options
  • Automatic song structure detection helps you find intro, verse, chorus etc
  • Plug in your instrument and play along through your favorite VST/AU plugins
  • Includes a special version of IK Multimedia’s Amplitube 4 with four extra amp models
  • Transpose parts or the entire track to a key that suits you better
  • Change tempo without changing the pitch
  • Use the Focus EQ to isolate a certain instrument
  • View the parts of the song on a piano roll display
  • Export MIDI parts that you have traced from the audio
  • Export the chord analysis as MIDI file

Tech specs
Audio formats: wav, aiff, mp3, wma, flac, ogg
OS: Mac OS min. 10.7, Windows min. 7

Pricing and Availability
deCoda is immediately available for purchase directly from zplane.de or from major music software vendors (such as PluginBoutique, see the buttons on this page). The price is €49.

You can find more info on the official website.

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