The Best Echorec Emulation Is Now 50% OFF! – Get Pulsar Echorec

From time to time here at ANR we highlight sales and deals you shouldn’t miss. Our pick of the week (and probably of the month) is Pulsar Echorec. The plugin is a software emulation of the iconic echo/delay unit of the same name produced by the Italian brand Binson in the 1960s (and used by top artists around the world, i.e. The Pink Floyd).

The plug-in faithfully reproduces the sound of the tubes and magnetic disk of the analog original. You get a delay sound with a pronounced personality, a warm and round colour, which can also be used as a simple saturation to obtain unique textures.

It works great with guitars, drum and percussive sounds (including drum machines, try a CR78 with it!), synth tracks, etc. I’ve actually been testing it in these past few months, and is currently in my top 5 plugin delays of all times!

Tip: use the oversampling (up to 8x) when bouncing your tracks, to get an even ‘richer’ sound. Also, you can turn the actual delay repetitions off, and just use the tube preamp drive circuit emulation. It can work magic on dull tracks that need some vintage love.

Check out the video below for a quick feature overview:

Deal Details
Pulsar Echorec is currently available at (approx) $/€50 which is half the regular price. Even at $99, this would be a must-have, so don’t miss out!

Offer lasts until Sunday, July 12.

FYI: you might not be familiar with the name Pulsar – they only have a few plugins with their brand – BUT they have developed some brilliant plugins for VERY popular software companies. Buy with confidence!