Softube Adds Vermona Random Rhythm To Their Modular – On Sale Now For $29!

At ANR we’re big fans of quality, boutique brands like Vermona (see our recent Vermona PERfourMER MKII review).
Along with some fantastic-sounding synths, drum synths, and effects, the German company offers also some interesting Eurorack modules. One of them, Random Rhythm, a dual-channel random generator specialized in producing beat structures (or arpeggios!). This peculiar module caught Softube’s attention, and there you go, here it is now available for Softube Modular users around the globe.

Here’s the Eurorack version on video:

Modeled to Softube’s exacting standards (and officially authorized by Vermona), Random Rhythm makes it possible to experiment with probability while maintaining full control. Whether used as the sole rhythm base or as an invaluable addition to other sequencers, Random Rhythm is a magnifying glass for creativity, with its two rhythm sections housing four sliders apiece that can influence the probability of what will appear in the generated pattern.

Softube added software exclusives to Random Rhythm that enable saving presets and the states within the session. After all, that’s what we expect from a software modular, right?

On Sale For a Limited Time

Vermona Random Rhythm is available and on sale right now, you can get it for only $/€29!
If you are not a Softube Modular user yet, check out our Softube Modular review and get it for only $/€65 (approx.)
You can learn more about the module on Softube’s website.

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