Welcome Daisy, A New Platform For Creating DIY Audio Devices (No Soldering!)

Daisy is launching on Kickstarter
Electrosmith, a brand dedicated to DIY electronics, is announcing Daisy, an embedded platform for music, live on Kickstarter from tomorrow, February 25th.

Daisy features everything you need for creating high fidelity audio hardware devices. Just plug in a USB cable and start making sound. No soldering required.
Whether you’re teaching classes in STEM education, or creating your next audio product, Daisy will revolutionize your process through a seamless, uncompromising platform.

Why Daisy?

At a glance, Daisy offers a number of interesting features that might make it a winner even for not-DYI people (raising my hand here!):

– Programmability: Daisy supports a number of programming languages including Arduino, Pure Data, Max/MSP, and C++.
– High Fidelity Audio: Daisy features 24-bit stereo audio hardware with up to 192kHz sample rate and 32-bit floating point DSP processing.
– Small Form Factor: Smaller than a stick of gum, the Daisy measures in at just 18mm x 51mm.
– Affordable Price Tag: Unlike other dev boards that require more than one product to create audio, Daisy can be used on its own, and is only $29!
– Easy To Use: Getting started is a breeze, thanks to four, Daisy-powered evaluation platforms:
Petal – Guitar Pedal
Patch – Eurorack module
Field – Desktop Synth
Pod – Breakout Board

Field – The Desktop Synth Evaluation Board

Daisy will be live on Kickstarter Tuesday, February 25th. Make sure to check and support this campaign. To learn more about Electrosmith, visit their official website.

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