XILS 505 – The Ultimate VST Emulation Of The Cult Classic Roland RS-505?

VST emulation of the Roland RS-505
XILS Lab, the French company run by Xavier Oudin, just added a new emulation to their lovely catalog of retro-inspired gems. XILS 505 is a modern software take on the classic Roland RS-505, the ’70s paraphonic cult string synthesizer that you can see in this video:

Calling the 505 a string synth doesn’t really give it justice though. Sure, it’s an inspiring a string machine, but also a powerful bass synth. XILS 505 allows you to enjoy and unleash the full power of the original unit, adding a Vintage Analog Human Choir Machine (as an alternative oscillator source for the Synthesizer part) and exposing numerous hidden parameters of the vintagee model.

The official web page offers a number of audio demos. You can also download a demo version with limited features and buy the plugin while on sale.

XILS 505 is currently available for €89 instead of €149. Also, the French company has introduced the Analog String Machine Bundle, which allows you to upgrade from XILS V+ (the fantastic emulation of the Roland VP-330, a must-have!) or buy XILS V+ and XILS-505 together with a discount.

Being huge fans of vintage string machines, we look forward to checking out the XILS 505, so stay tuned…

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