Soothe2 – The Resonance Killer Is Back With Better Performance And New Features

the unique eq plugin from oeksound is back
A couple of years ago oeksound introduced soothe, a unique plugin that tackles a very specific problem found throughout the audio world, mainly reducing resonances that create harsh or muffled sounds (read more in our soothe review).

The Finnish company is now back with soothe2, a complete rewrite of the original soothe plug-in, offering improvements in performance and sound while adding many new features. These include the expansion of the processing to full frequency range, the addition of attack and release speed parameters, and the inclusion of two processing modes suitable for different situations.

Here’s what the company founder Olli Keskinen had to say about it:

“Taking soothe completely apart and redesigning the plug-in from the ground up has allowed us to make huge improvements to the sound quality and usability, while lowering the latency and reducing the CPU load of the plug-in. The biggest challenge in creating soothe2 has been to improve every aspect of the original while retaining the ease-of-use, but I feel we’ve managed to achieve that”.

soothe2 works by automatically detecting resonances in the audio material and then applying a reduction that matches the input signal. It can be used for a range of applications across the full frequency range: To reduce harshness in close-mic’d audio material, to achieve very transparent de-essing, to combat and reduce muddiness and to even out the bass frequencies.

Price and Availability

The plugin will be available at on January 23, 2020 for the price of EUR 199, supporting both macOS and Windows using the VST, VST3, Audio Units and AAX plug-in formats. An upgrade license from soothe to soothe2 will be available for EUR 50. A fully functional 20-day trial period will be available.

Learn more and get your soothe2 on the official web page.

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