Audeze Reveal+: Test Your Mixes In World-Class Studios Without Leaving Your Chair!

A new AI-driven technology for better mixes
Embody, an audio lifestyle technology company, in partnership with Audeze got in touch with us to announce Audeze Reveal+, in their (bold) wods “the world’s first artificial intelligence-driven plugin that transports YOU inside multi-million dollar studios used by award-winning engineers”.

Ooook, But What Does It Really Mean?

In a nutshell, Reveal+ is a personalized virtual studio plugin for headphones. It allows you to test your mixes as if you were in a top-notch studio.

According to the companies, Audeze Reveal+ solves the problems commonly associated with this type of technology. A typical virtual studio plugin includes room recordings using regular microphones, or with the ears of a generic dummy head. Unfortunately, what you hear is not personalized to your unique hearing, leading to unwanted tonal coloration and artifacts in your mix.

Reveal+ provides the critical missing piece, which is YOU. In Reveal+, with the help of a powerful AI engine called Aural Map, the precise response of the studio is personalized to the way you hear. You are virtually transported into a world-class studio, together with your ears.

The power of Aural Map is its ability to create a personalized audio profile from just a single image of your right ear. It creates a mathematical model of how you hear sound in the real world, based on your anatomy. With your personalized HRTF, Reveal+ gives the experience of truly being inside an excellent sounding, acoustically treated room. As a result, it sounds like YOU are in the studio. And, your mix finally gets all the benefits of the studio’s acoustics, speakers, and layout when in reality, you might be mixing in your bedroom on a pair of Audeze LCD-1 headphones.

I hear you: is this real magic or snake oil? Personally I find the development of this technology very exciting, and I’m looking forward to seeing where it’s headed. Something like Reveal+ could be really helpful for all those producers working in a less-than-stellar acoustic environment (yeah, most of us). It would actually be cool if you could also use other quality headphones brands with the plugin but I get it – Audeze is essentially a headphones company, so this business model makes sense for them.

Price and Availability

Reveal+ is compatible with any Digital Audio Workstation and features a free, fully functional 14-day trial. You can purchase Reveal+ for $199 retail.
The LCD-1 headphone retail price is $399.
Until January 20, Audeze is offering a NAMM 2020 discount. Purchase Reveal+ for $159, add Reveal+ to your cart and use discount code RVLNAMM2020. Purchase the LCD-1 & Reveal+ bundle for $449, add both products to your checkout cart and use discount code BNDLNAMM2020.

Audeze and Embody are committed to continuing cutting edge research, so stay tuned for new features, live rooms, and studios. Learn more on the official web page.

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