Welcome To The Unusual, Atmospheric World Of Kwonky Instruments

Kwonky new sample library

At ANR we’re all about new and inspiring small companies, so when we heard about Kwonky Instruments and their unique sample library resources for Kontakt we thought you should too. The people at Kwonky create sonically unusual, atmospheric and quirky instruments from original field recordings and other processed sound and noise.

They Kwonky in February 2019 and they’ve grown pretty quickly over the last six months. They currently have 13 individual instruments in their catalogue and 6 instrument bundles.

There are currently 3 free instruments available so that producers can sample a bit of Kwonky for free.

Their latest instrument is a bundle called Cyclotronic Signals. The collection is made from electromagnetic interference, natural radio waves and VLF recordings undertaken by us using a variety of technology and techniques. The result is a set of glitchy, tonal and characterful sounds that are control-able and shapable, but contain elements of unpredictable behaviour.

The collection features five instruments:

Cyclotronic Signals – Anisotropic
Cyclotronic Signals – Cyclonic
Cyclotronic Signals – Substorm
Cyclotronic Signals – Sferic
Cyclotronic Signals – Auroral

The bundle is available here for only $30 and requires Kontakt 5.6.6 or later. I wish some of their stuff would be available for iOS too. How about it, Kwonky?

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