EarMaster – The Training Platform Is Now Available as Monthly Subscription

EarMaster subscription planEarMaster is a well-known music theory training software, since 1996 (the year Steinberg invented the VST technology, but that’s another story!). Now at version 7, the platform is also available through a new subscription plan for private users and music students.
The plan includes unlimited access to the company’s product suite for ear training and music theory: the EarMaster software on PC and Mac, the EarMaster app on iPad including all in-app purchases, and the EarMaster RCM Voice Levels 1-6 course on PC and Mac (total value $117).

Powered by EarMaster Cloud, an educational cloud solution used by thousands of music schools worldwide, the new EarMaster Subscription enables users to automatically sync their results, progress and preferences across devices. Subscribers will enjoy free updates, free upgrades, free new platforms, and free email support by qualified in-house staff.

The new EarMaster Subscription is also compatible with schools accounts in EarMaster Cloud via an internal invite system. Furthermore, schools are awarded one free teacher account for every 20 subscribed students. This means that music schools, choirs and teaching studios can now adopt EarMaster Cloud free of charge.

Pricing and launch offer
The EarMaster Subscription is available now as a launch offer at $2.99 per month instead of $3.99 effective until the end of June 2020 for new subscribers signing up before October 1, 2020. More details about the offer and signup can be found here: https://www.earmaster.com/earmaster-cloud-subscription.html

One-time payment licenses of EarMaster 7 and EarMaster for iPad remain available as an alternative licensing option.

Learn more about EarMaster here and subscribe here. You can find the iOS version on the App Store.

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