Soundtoys Limited Time Offer – Don’t Miss Out!

If you follow ANR you’ll know that Soundtoys are one of our favorite plugin makers. Now, if you haven’t already jumped on board, this might be a great chance to get their full bundle (currently 30% off) or a delay-oriented subset from their catalog (for only $99 or so).

The Soundtoys Echo Pack (Ltd. Time Bundle) includes some of the best Soundtoys releases, such as Echoboy and Crystallizer (basically the reason I originally fell in love with the company!). On top of that, you also get Primal Tap, Echoboy Jr. and Little Primal Tap. In short, a $497 value for only $99!

As said, if you want to go big, the whole Soundtoys bundle (v.5) is currently on sale as well. You can get it until July 25 for only $349! Honestly, if you can stretch your budget, this is the offer I would recommend (I mean… Decapitator, Phasemistress, Radiator – do I need to go on?).

As said, the offer is expiring in a few days, so run, don’t walk. Soundtoys is not one of those companies doing sales all the time.

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