Polyend Announce Anywhere, Preset and Poly 2 Modules Plus Firmware Upgrade for Medusa

Polyend new modules 2019
At Superbooth 2019, Polyend are showcasing three new Eurorack modules and a major firmware update for their Medusa synth.

Polyend Anywhere

Splice Rent-to-Own

This self-explanatory module looks like a great option for those who enjoy taking their Eurorack systems to the park, on the rooftop or to the swimming pool (!?!).

– Power up your setup from any power bank.
– An inexpensive 20 000 mAh battery will power up several modules for a couple of hours.

Polyend Poly 2

A nice update for one of our favorite MIDI to CV converters (see our Polyend Poly review), now also available as a standalone unit.

– Control your modular setup with any MIDI hardware or software device.
– Set, save and recall your parameter presets using simple menu displayed on an OLED screen.
– Trigger up to 8 voices with different settings: first/next/midi channel/midi notes.
– Twelve configurable outputs: Gate (5 or 10V), Pitch (V/Oct or Hz/V), Velocity, CC and Clock with tempo divisions.
– Using Smart Thru you can daisy chain multiple units to get more voices.
– Musical scales filter onboard.
– MPE compatibility.

Polyend Preset

This module allows you to create, recall and sequence multiple output parameters and much more.

Splice Sounds

– A single press of a button immediately recalls up to 9 different CV output values.
– Variable values per output: notes (1V/Oct), Gates, constant values (0-10V), recorded CV automation.
– 32 banks of 32 presets (1024 presets in total).
– An instant preset recall will allow you to create a custom grid controller.
– Sequence your preset banks with CV input (use Gates or 0-10V).
– Record and send out voltage changes up to 30 seconds per output.
– 32 musical scales onboard.

Medusa firmware update v2.0

Last year’s Superbooth most hyped synth (created in collaboration with Dreadbox) gets some interesting enhancements. Just to name a few:
– Refined Grid workflow allows you to randomise notes/chords per step and set the TIE note length. Record your sequences in
the live mode and transpose them on the fly.
– The new modulation options with enhanced Drone mode for uncanny ambiences.
– Improved randomisation algorithm will generate synth presets and impressive sequences with a press of one button.
– Grid pads now work as long as you hold a modulator pad pressed which is excellent for performance.
– A new set of Wavetables and Presets.

Price and Availability

Stay tuned, official details are still getting ironed out as we speak. We’ll update this page as soon as they become available.

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