Gecho v2 Is Coming – A Much More Powerful Pocket Synth For Your Inspiration

Gecho, by Gechologic, is a boutique, hand-made, digital, polyphonic pocket synthesizer controlled by buttons, sensors and accelerometer. It’s one of those quirky yet potentially inspiring tools that can find a place in multiple contexts and setups.
Following the success of their Kickstarter-funded Gecho v1, the Irish company has just announced a new version of their synth, with a fresh look and more options, thanks to the use of a more powerful processor.

In a nutshell, Gecho v2 is slightly larger (but thinner) and it comes with MIDI in/out, bi‑directional CVs and gate triggers, new synth engines (including one inspired by the famous Mutable Instruments Clouds), higher quality sound output and more relevant improvements over v1.

Here’s a prototype version of Gecho v2 in action with a Korg Volca FM:

Gecho v2 will be available as a DIY kit as well as a fully assembled unit. According to the company, the new model can do everything that the “classic” one did, plus MIDI in and out, plus what Glo the Polyphonic Whale can do (with differently mapped controls), as they share the same chipset and code base.

Price and Availability

The company is taking preorders (expected delivery: August). To learn more about Gecho v2 and order yours, please visit the official website.

Complete units are available for €159. DIY kits start from €79. As the design is more modular, there are some new options – wider variety of DIY kits, some that do not even require any soldering (music to my ears!)

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