Eventide Flash Sale: Get The H3000 Plugin For $79

H3000 Flash sale

The Eventide H3000 is one of the most iconic effect hardware processors ever released. It was (and still is, despite its age) a multi-effects powerhouse combining Eventide’s standard-setting, pitch-shifting algorithms, along with delays, a comprehensive library of modulation effects, and powerful reverb algorithms in a modular, upgradeable package.
The H3000 (and the later models) helped create and shape the sound of these past few decades. I think this letter from Brian Eno to the Eventide team explains the success of this groundbreaking piece of gear better than I could ever do.

The Brian Eno letter about the Eventide H3000

Many years later, this classic piece of gear gracefully entered the software arena, with its plugin H3000 Factory version.

H3000 plugin

H3000 Factory is a re-creation of several key algorithms from the H3000 Harmonizer combining pitch, delay, modulation, and filtering. It includes over 450 presets, including 100 presets from the original hardware.

Check out the overview video here:

Now, for a limited time, you can save over 75% on a piece of music history. Usually priced at $349, the H3000 Factory is available today for $79 directly from Eventide or partner websites such as Plugin Boutique.

Don’t miss out, this is a hell of a plugin! Presets are a great starting point and you if you like designing your own sounds, you can go deep with its modular features.

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