Cross DJ 4: Major Update With Soundcloud Go, Improved UI and More

Cross DJ 4 update from Mixvibes
At ANR we appreciate the work of boutique companies such as Mixvibes. They can’t clearly compete with the huge marketing force of the big shots yet they offer solid, inspiring products (like Remixvideo, Remixlive, etc.) with a very competitive price point.

They got in touch with us a few days ago to announce the release of a major update for their flagship DJ software, Cross DJ for Mac and Windows systems.

Splice Rent-to-Own

Cross DJ 4, with its redesigned 4 players waveform and the improved Synced FX will offer users endless creative possibilities. According to the French company, you can make better analysis of your performance with the cover view collection, for a smoother browsing of your tracks. Last but not least, they have also partnered with SoundCloud Go to bring you the best streaming experience possible!


● New simple & intuitive UI
● Cover view collection
● Parallel Waveform for the 4 players
● Suitable for touchscreen
● UI customizable with a new script technology named Maquillage

Cross DJ now supports Soundcloud Go

Feature improvements

Splice Sounds

● 3 audio effects synchronized per player
● Mix Music from SoundCloud
● Autoplay improvements with many powerful transitions
● New analyse to get the intro, outro & the best track parts
● Master clock & Ableton Link
● Attach any midi controller with the midi learning
● New remote app for iOS & Android
● Mix video files and use video Sampler (​Pro feature​)
● Create your own effect with the Tweaker (​Pro feature​)
● DVS control & HID mode (​Pro feature​)
● VST plugin (available soon) (​Pro feature​)
Collection improvements
● Track match & track playlist panes
● Import / Export from most DJ softwares : Rekordbox, Serato DJ, Traktor, Virtual DJ

Price and Availability
Cross DJ 4 is available now at ​$69.90 // ​Cross Dj Pro 4 is available now at $149.90 Cross DJ 3 users can upgrade to Cross DJ 4 for the special price of $39.90
Cross 3 users can upgrade to Cross DJ Pro 4 for the special price of $69.90.

Learn more about Cross DJ 4 on the official web page.

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