Bastl – Bright New Ideas For Your Eurorack System

Bastl new modules and products at SB 2019When it comes to Bastl’s new products, even when don’t they introduce heavyweight champions (see last year’s THYME) there’s always something unique and unexpected to look at. Here’s what this one-of-a-kind company is showing at Superbooth 2019:

  • Illuminati​ is dual USB lamp driver. It takes 2 CVs or MIDI signals and converts them into 2 powered USB sockets to host USB lamps. Compact solution for a light-show that works great both for stage and for media content. Brightest idea of the month!
    Eurorack meets lights
  • LOL​ is simple triple passive mute eurorack module in 2HP with clever normalisation allowing it to act as switched multiple.
    New module from Bastl
  • OMSYNTH euroLab ​is a product line centered around breadboard based prototyping interface that is adapted and protected for eurorack applications.
  • Kompas ​is 3 channel​ ​probabilistic trigger generator by Stefano Manconi. This open-source arduino-based eurorack module is a result of an academic internship. The conceptual and the learning processes are part of the product in form of a zine and is going to live further via workshops.

Dude – ​the popular miniature mixer got an enclosure upgrade. Now with elegant and durable epoxy black matte finish enclosure.
new version of Bastl mixer
Bastl are also showing an updated version of their Skis module, a dual voltage controlled decay envelope and dual VCA packed in 5HP form. perfect for any drum synthesis. Remake of the popular Skis module adds voltage control over the decay time and improved VCAs.
You can see it in this new episode of Patchení s Nikol. ​

Price: 119 eur excl. tax (about 145 eur street) shipping now!

Price and Availability

TBA (when not available above), stay tuned, more details will follow.

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