Stellr, The New Shimmer Effect App From Backpullver

Some months ago we introduced Backpullver, a Bulgarian iOS-focused company and their lo-fi Electrogene fx.

This week the company has announced Stellr, a shimmer audio effect app with AUv3 support, and it looks like another must-have little gem (especially if you’re into soundscapes and ambient textures!).

According to Backpullver, Stellr is a pitch-shifter/delay/reverb sound processor designed to recreate the classic shimmer effect.

The effect features 15 ready to use presets which can be shared between devices as well as a randomize button for endless variations.
When loaded as Audio Unit effect, all parameters can be automated via host app.


– Pitch shifter which can be fine-tuned or snapped to semitone
– Two separate delays for creating a complex feedback effect
– LFO modulation and different types of reverb
– Set pre-gain and dry/wet levels
– Audio Unit Extension, Audiobus, Inter-App Audio support
– 15 built-in presets
– Ability to save and randomize parameters
– Import and export of user presets
– Realtime frequency spectrum visualizer

Price and Availability

You can learn more about Stellr on the company’s website and buy it on the App Store for $4.99/€5.49.

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