K1CK Synth – A New Pay-What-You-Want Plugin To Cure Your ‘Perfect Kick’ Obsession

Getting the ‘perfect’ kick drum sound can be a daunting experience. It’s a critical part of your music track and not easy to get just right. The developers at 2getheraudio are here to help and they just released K1CK Synth, a custom hybrid synth engine designed specifically for delivering a huge range of gut-busting electronic kick drums in an easy-to-use interface.

We haven’t had a chance of spending some quality time with the plugin yet, but we love the no-frills yet functional design. A Simple Edit screen not only lets you quickly audition kick sounds while your groove is playing, but it also gives you quick control over modifying those sounds using 4 highly customized macro knobs optimized for kick drum sound control. If you still need to fine tune from there, one button takes you to the Expert Edit mode for further refinement.

K1CK Synth comes with a comprehensive effect section (compressor, drive plus decimator, bit crusher, low pass filter and high pass filter) and last but not least, it allows you to run your kick sound through three of the most popular kick drum mics on the market!

K1CK Synth follows the pay-what-you-want business model of the company (see our interview with 2getheraudio), which means you can get it for as low as $10! And you can also choose to give 10 percent of your purchase to charity.

Learn more and download a free demo here.

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