Bleass Reverb Review – A Versatile iOS Au Reverb With Sidechain That Costs Less Than A Fast Food Meal

Bleass seem on a roll at the moment. It’s only been weeks since the release of their unique Delay Audio Unit (see our Bleass Delay review) and now they have pumped out an instantly satisfying Reverb.

Bleass Reverb is intuitive and makes the most of the touchscreen for experimental sound manipulation. The reverb consists of 3 sections.

The first is an Input stage with a choice of adjustable high pass or low shelf filter. Also included is a pre-delay and input gain control.

The second Reverb section has allows you to adjust the size and length of reverb along with modulation controls to vary the reverb space over time. There is also a damper control for high frequencies and a Freeze button for infinite reverberations. Perhaps the most fun to be had with Bleass Reverb is with the included Transform XY Pad which invites sonic exploration. Movements within the XY Pad apply various frequency shifting and wave shaping which always seem to manage to be both interesting and musical.

The third section is the Ducker which is a side chain compressor using the dry input. This is great for use with rhythmic inputs but also does interesting things with other sounds.

Bleass Reverb is a great little Audio Unit. I was pleasantly surprised to find it to be unlike any other of the many many iOS reverbs I already own. The interface and controls are clean and simple but the simplicity of the controls masks the huge range of sound design options the App gives you. Costing less than your average fast food meal I highly recommend skipping those calories and buying this instead.

You can get Bleass Reverb on the App Store for $4.99/€5.49.

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