Travel Through Time With Verv, A Tape Loop-Inspired Synth By Puremagnetik

At ANR we’re suckers for string machine sounds (possibly treated with some tape love), and if you share our same obsession, this new Puremagnetik synth might be right up your alley too.

According to the company, Verv is a VST/AU synthesizer inspired by tape loops, Mellotrons and other time-worn analog recordings.

Modeled after the 1970s Freeman String Symphonizer and ARP Solina, Verv has a dual-oscillator and carefully constructed ensemble modulation reminiscent of the classics. 

Verv also employs a final stage Tape Loop effect that emulates a splice of tape that can be “aged” to varying degrees. Once turned up to its maximum range, this effect creates wow, flutter and other worn-out tape artifacts. 
Despite being designed as a string synthesizer, Verv is capable of a wide variety of sounds. It has a morphable saw to triangle oscillator.

Similar to classic Buchla synthesizers, you can add or subtract harmonics with the “Shape” control. There is also a dedicated Sub oscillator – fixed as a pulse wave – that can be used as a standalone bass synth, similar to an MC-202.

Verv is available on sale for only $8! Learn more here.

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