Mutable Instruments Rings Comes to Softube’s Modular (and It’s On SALE!)

Today is an exciting (couldn’t resist!) day for Softube Modular users. After the great success of officially licensed and endorsed Mutable Instruments’ Clouds and Braids modules in their software Eurorack environment, Modular, Softube announced the introduction of Rings, the official virtual version of the iconic multi-resonator module.

Since its introduction in 2015, Rings has been seen and heard in countless modular systems around the world, and for good reasons.

Exciting Rings
The range of noises this module is capable of creating is simply staggering, and the joy of feeding different things into it never ends.
External audio or an internal pulse generator can excite one of three different resonator models, bringing forth a stunning array of string, wind, percussion, and other-worldly sounds.

You can even play strummed chords with Rings, due to a built-in polyphony mechanism which generates a new virtual string (up to 4 in total) for every trigger – even while the last note is still ringing.

The other good news is that Rings is on sale for $29. Don’t miss out on this great chance of adding some resonating vibes to your software modular platform.

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