ENTROPIA – New Free, Versatile Sequencer for VCV Rack

The VCV Rack world keeps getting better and more attractive, also thanks to to the creative work of developers such as Pyer and Marc Boulé.

Their latest release is Entropia, a new (impressive looking) sequencer available for free in the GEODESICS collection, for VCV Rack.

This module can be a melodic sequencer, a controllable random source, a sequenced series of VCAs, and every possible mix of each.

It is an 8-step sequencer with two values per step, and a probability to select one of the two values. The resulting sequence is achieved by switching or adding the two values. Both values can be a sequence of voltages, a range controlled random source, or an external source.


  • 8 steps sequencer
  • 3 modes per sequence
  • 2 ways to blend the sequences (add or switch)
  • Probability of blend per step
  • General probability offset
  • Random playing mode
  • CV generator
  • Random source
  • Sequenced VCA
Here’s Entropia in all its circular glory

More information, complete user manual and musical performances can be found on the official website.

VCV Rack users can download Entropia here.

Now, how about a hardware version of this module?

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