New Juicy Modules from Qu-Bit and 2hp – Chord v2 and More

Qu-Bit and 2hp have just announced a slew of new Eurorack modules and… they look killer (as usual!).


Three intriguing modules, including a new version of their popular polyphonic Chord (now much smaller, yay!).

Here are the details:

Multi-dimensional signal processor with stereo inputs and outputs.
An assortment of DSP effects mapped to a 3-dimensional sonic space.
ETA: March
MSRP: $249

Chord v2
Half the size – twice the functionality
Polyphonic oscillator in 14HP – custom chords, new wavetables, and four voice polyphonic mode
ETA: May
MSRP: $299

Fractal sequencer
32 step sequencer with 2 channels, pattern saving and an infinite number of variations from our fractal algorithm.
ETA: September
MSRP: $329


Starting from February, 2hp will introduce four new modules, including a granular and a physical modeling voice.

DC offset generator
ETA: February
MSRP: $89

Physical modeling voice
ETA: March
MSRP: $149

Granular processor
ETA: April
MSRP: $149

Sine wave VCO with sub output and wavefolding
ETA: May
MSRP: $149

For further info please visit the Qu-Bit Electronix and the 2hp websites.

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