Joranalogue Receive 2 and Transmit 2 – Studio Quality IN/OUT For Your Eurorack System

Eurorack boutique maker Joranalogue has just introduced two new handy modules, Receive 2 and Transmit 2 (RX2 and TX2 for short), studio-grade input and output solutions for your Eurorack system.

According to the company, with Receive 2 and Transmit 2 you can forget about ground loop interference and flimsy adapter cables; you will be able to integrate external gear using pristine balanced lines via sturdy XLR connectors, while keeping HP cost at a minimum.

Receive 2 accepts two external inputs, balanced or single-ended, via XLR or 6.35 mm jack connectors.

The very clean integrated pre-amps feature variable gain, ranging from unity to +40 dB on each channel. As a result, Receive 2 can handle just about any signal source you may encounter.

Meanwhile, Transmit 2 offers a stereo pair of XLR output sockets. It combines high-end balanced drivers and an equally performant headphone amplifier in a single module, both with separate level controls. Additionally, the 3.5 mm headphone socket can be utilised as an auxiliary stereo output.

Both modules are just 6 HP wide, and include dual 5-LED VU meters, integrated RF filtering and ESD protection.

The modules will be available in March 2019. To learn more about Transmit 2 and Receive 2 please visit the Joranalogue website.

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