Frap Tools FALISTRI Now Available – Time To Sell Your MATHS?

Frap Tools, the Italian Eurorack boutique company (see our interview with Frap Tools) has just announced the availability of their new module, FALISTRI.

As you might remember, FALISTRI was previously introduced at Superbooth (see our video below and subscribe to our channel if you enjoy it).


In the company’s words, FALISTRI is a fully analog ‘movement manager’, designed to generate and edit voltages to easily accomplish any patch.

Sounds complicated? Well, the layout might be puzzling at first due to Frap Tools’ somewhat ‘abstract’ aesthetic, but it looks like FALISTRI is one of those modules that can become an essential part of any Eurorack system.

Some defined FALISTRI as the Frap Tools’ answer to MATHS, but we believe that there are enough differences in terms of architecture and features to make them complementary rather than mutually exclusive (provided that you have room and money for both!).

Here’s the official overview video:

Main Features

  • two generators as envelopes or oscillators
  • independent shape per stage
  • independent time from shape
  • quadrature mode for both envelope or oscillator mode
  • manual buttons for realtime performance and ease of interaction
  • unipolar bipolar and attenuverted output
  • EOR and EOF digital outputs
  • two cascaded flip-flop for sub oscillators, clock dividers or more rhythmical combinations
  • DC-coupled four quadrant multiplier usable for AM RM or as VCA
  • slew limiter with separated rise and fall
  • analog design

Price and Availability

FALISTRI is shipping now.
MSRP: 399,00 EUR / USD

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