What Will Be The Effect Of Robotics And Music Merging?

Robotics and artificial intelligence are creeping into many parts of our lives, and the music industry is no exception. There is a time coming where musical instruments, amplifiers, synthesizers and all the other things used to produce music now, will not be needed. Robotics merging with music (not to mention the recent rise of on-stage holograms!) may eventually even do away with the need for performers, which would also mean the end to music tours.

There are already robots such as Shimon, who has been around for a long time. This robot can study large datasets from well-known musicians and then write and perform its own work. The music industry is not the only place these two things merging is having an effect.

‘Musical Instrument Synthesizer’ – via maxpixel

The Gaming Industry

Games consoles have been affected by robotics and music merging. For the latest games, huge libraries of sounds and music are created by robotic technology, and then they have to be used in the correct way so that the images and sounds will be together when they should be. The players then get a better gaming experience. This has been made much easier by the use of robotics, music and other sounds together.

They have both affected online games as well. For instance, if you are playing in an online casino, you are likely to have a few bars of a popular tune played when you have a win. The size of the win, and whether it is a true win or a partial win, can change the tune you hear. Then there are the free bonuses on offer for new players signing up. They are often greeted by music, but without the technology of robotics, this would be much more difficult to do. When a new player is looking for a no playthrough slots bonus offer, they can find some for officially licenced slots based on music legends such as Jimi Hendrix or the band Motorhead, which provide slots gameplay combined with iconic music by the artists.

‘Motorhead’ – Jessica Branstetter via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Marketing With Robotics And Music

Since marketing first began, most of it has been visual. Now, however, more and more industries wake up to the fact that audio branding is a strategy that works. The information that technology can collect and feed into the robots means that the right tone of music can be produced for the target audience, and at the right level of sound. It can be changed to suit each group of people as it is needed, and that means the marketing can be much more effective.

This is proving to be particularly useful in tourism, with hotels starting to utilize this way of keeping their clients happy. Music played at the right level, as something unobtrusive but loud enough to hear can have a good effect on the brain, and that translates into happy holidaymakers.

Our hearing is a very powerful sense. We can close our eyes, stop touching something, hold our nose or close our mouths to avoid a taste. We cannot close our ears, and even putting our hands over them will not totally block out a sound. Harnessing the power of music and soundscapes is something we’re set to see more of in the near future.

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