MELODY ORACLE – A New Electronic Instrument Between Chaos and Order

File it under unusual musical instruments. We recently came across AMP ESOTERIC ELECTRONICS, the brainchild of A. M. Puls. The U.S. company is developing a line of experimental musical instruments, and they just released their first one, MELODY ORACLE.

It’s hard to explain what this quirky yet charming instrument does, so here’s MELODY ORACLE (awesome name, by the way!) in its inventor’s words:

Splice Rent-to-Own

MELODY ORACLE is a “musical pattern divination system” AKA “spirit organ” with a game board-style interface, and a MELORHYTHMIC pattern generation method not found on any other sequencer.

MELODY ORACLE is rhythmic, logical, and musical, yet is continually surprising and inspiring in its generations. The border of chaos and order.

MELODY ORACLE can be used standalone as a COSMIC MUSIC RECEIVER, or interfaced as a melodic or rhythmic source in an existing electronic music setup. Tuning is completely variable.

The box includes a 14 page graphic instruction manual, a power supply, and 30 solid metal MELORHYTHMIC FUNNELS, used to resonate MELODY ORACLE with the MELORHYTHMIC WAVELENGTHS OF THE UNIVERSE.

Two eight-sided dice (included) can be used by any number of players to INVOKE THE ENDLESS SONG OF COSMIC ORDER AND CHAOS.

MELODY ORACLE has 8 multiturn fine tuners, a 1/4″ audio line out and an “AMP LINK” port for interfacing with future AMP instruments and third-party synthesizer equipment.

Splice Sounds

Here’s a short video introduction to the MELODY ORACLE

Pricing and Availability

A few units are available now for $333 each, and will be shipped in time for the holiday season. Preorders will be accepted after that and will be assembled and shipped within 33 days of the time of order.

A built-in speaker version (for more $) and kit version (for less $) will soon also be available.

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