Klevgränd REAMP – A New Saturation Processor With 7 Analog Flavors For Mac, Pc and iOS

When it comes to saturation, there’s never enough options. The new flavor of the week (actually, it’s a 7-in-1) is brought to you by those fast-coders at Klevgränd. REAMP is a complex spectral saturation processor simulating a set of different analog gear in a new and unique way. Benefits of this algorithm is that it is highly CPU efficient and adds (almost) no latency, while still keeping the essence of the profiled gear.

The 7 models available are based on real analog gear individually measured in two dimensions; gain responses (-inf dB to +6 dB) at the frequency spectrum 20Hz to 20kHz. This data is used to transform input audio to output audio.


  • Seven handpicked profiles, based on gear we love
  • Spectral drive and gain compensation (four bands)
  • Dry / Wet mix
  • Plenty of factory presets
  • Ultra low latency

REAMP – Audio Gear Modeler

Pricing & Availability:
REAMP is available now from the App Store.
$29.99 (Until Dec 19, then $59.99)

iOS (AUv3 only):
$9.99 (50% off intro price until Dec 19)

Here you can find some audio demos:

For further information, please visit the REAMP product page.

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