From Sample Curation To Creation: Splice Originals Debuts With Laraaji, Machinedrum And Hidden Sonic Gems

Great news from Splice Sounds! This week they have launched Splice Originals, a new in-house sample label in collaboration with artists who have made unique contributions to music and sound.

With their expansion from sample curation to sample creation, Splice hope to identify and dive into the vast niches, genres, and sonic worlds currently unexplored in our library.

If you’re one of those who think sample packs are always the same, you’ll think back when you see the first original releases Splice have in store for their subscribers.

Our favorite is probably Laraaji’s pack. The legendary zither/dulcimer/auto-harp player (an underground hero since the Brian Eno-produced Ambient 3: Day of Radiance
in 1980) brings his comprehensive collection of electrifying sounds to Splice’s audience for the first time. Featuring one-shots and loops of zithers, vibraphones, kalimbas and other tonal knocks, plucks, and moonbeams, this sound pack is perfect for any transcendent music.

Here’s the introductory video with Laraaji’s beautiful instruments:

If you are ready for this, check out Laraaji’s pack here.

Our next pick is a pretty quirky yet inspiring one. A couple of years ago we introduced the Polyend Perc, an innovative MIDI controlled device that mechanically plays percussive instruments and that basically allows you to make a drumming machine out of anything that drums. One of its early adopters, Machinedrum, has now released a new sound pack where he experiments with the Perc Pro and common items from a Home Depot.

The result is an eclectic collection of loops and one-shots that make things like tubing, guttering, roof jacks, metal studs, metal sheets, greek tiles, wood planks and fence posts into a collection of miscellaneous percussion and oil-stained kicks.

Watch the ‘making of’ video here below:

Tom Waits would definitely love this one, and I believe you will too. Check it out here.

Love obscure, vintage drum machines such as Acetone FR3, Gibson Maestro MK2 and the Korg KR33? We do as well and we’re happy to see a pack that explores the dusty hardware drum machines and nearly forgotten rhythm bots from the stores of Three Wave Music, the legendary New Jersey electronics store. What results is a versatile collection of sepia-toned percussive loops and one-shots, from crunchy kicks to snappy sticks.

Get this vintage drum machine sounds here and make sure to discover the rest of the Splice Originals series.

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