Danza Macabra – Spooky Sound Effects From Real Instruments By Sampletraxx

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Want spooky? You’re in the right place! The Sompletraxx team got in touch with us today to announce DANZA MACABRA, a new collection of eerie sound effects made out of real instruments recorded with Barcus Berry contact microphone (BTW, a serious piece of gear!- editor’s note!).

Unusual tones and timbres came out while bowing and scratching violin and cello or “playing” an upright piano with “string piano technique” using different metal objects.

Danza Macabra comprises 45 loops at 140 bpm of designed clocks, tick loops, wooden old pendolo and time design elements. Designed glockenspiel and ride cymbals, morphed cinematic elements you will not find elsewhere.

Here you can listen to the Danza Macabra Soundpack Showreel 1

Pricing & Availability:
DANZA MACABRA is available now for €49.

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