VERMONA fourMative CONTOURS – New, Versatile Envelope Generator

Today VERMONA announced fourMative CONTOURS, a new 24HP envelope generator for Eurorack systems. According to the German company, this module goes beyond the functionality of a traditional envelope generator and delivers up to four single-phase envelopes that can be combined to achieve much more complex voltage-controlled curves.

Snappy and Versatile

The module features four individual channels (or units in ‘VERMONA-speak’), and each unit can be switched into A (attack), D (decay), or H (hold) MODE — with the attack and decay phases switchable between operating with a LIN (linear) or EXP (exponential) response SHAPE — and can be used individually or in any combination.

The envelopes themselves are seriously snappy; each unit can run within a TIME range of 0.5 milliseconds through to 30 seconds, switchable between perfectly balanced fast and SLOW speed settings to ensure smooth adjustments, with the former geared towards creating crisp and percussive sounds.

These fourMative CONTOURS units are each equipped with a CV IN (control voltage input) that not only allows the times to be modulated but also extends them in both directions — down to 25 µs and up to 10,000 seconds, that means you can achieve a two-hour-long envelope!

Individual units can be looped or combined with other units using simple internal patching connections to create more complex envelopes. Thanks to those extended frequency ranges, fourMative CONTOURS can creatively also function as an LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) or even an audio oscillator.

Price and Availability

Shipping now, fourMative CONTOURS is available to purchase through VERMONA’s growing global network of dealers with an RRP of €399.00 EUR (Europe) and $489.00 USD (USA).

For more in-depth information, please visit the dedicated fourMative CONTOURS webpage.

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