Endorphin.es Black Modules Debut On Black Friday

It was in the air, but now it’s official: the colorful modular minds of Endorphin.es – famous for their golden panels and the BLCK_NOIR drum module – have announced the upcoming release of an alternative black edition for their entire product line.

The black modules will be (obviously) available starting from Black Friday: 23rd of November 2018, with a BLCK giveaway campaign on their Instagram.

The famous Shuttle System, which features the company’s first 5 modules under one single 84 hp faceplate, will be also available in black.

Panels for all modules follow the same visual approach seen on the BLCK_NOIR module. Two colors: glossy black and custom gold (“contains real gold”) are screen-printed on black matte aluminum faceplates and fitted with black buttons and knobs, (“with glow in the dark indicator lines for proper vampire action”).

Prices for the BLCK_EDITION modules remain the same as for the original ones.

Replacement kits with black panels, and black knobs for those who want to change the look of their golden modules, will be available later.

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