EarPeace Earplugs Review: An Instant Quality Of Life Booster

Like many musicians, at some point during my career, I started having hearing problems. I’m not going to bother you with the details, but my ears simply cannot tolerate being exposed to heavy sound pressure for a long period of time (i.e. being close to the stage in a rock concert, or listening to certain high-pitched sounds). This is the reason why I’m always looking for quality earplugs that can help me enjoy ‘potentially dangerous’ music events.

A few weeks ago I came across EarPeace and their music earplugs (they also have some for bikers and loud work environments). I got one of their HD Sets ($16 or €18 at the time of writing – free shipping in the US or plus shipping for UK and EU), that comes with 3 earplugs and 3 different filters, and an aluminum carrying case with carabiner clip.
According to the company, “the medium and high filters are high fidelity, evenly lowering the sound pressure across frequencies. The max filter is a total block filter for when you need to really turn down the volume”.

The default filter you’ll find in the earplugs out of the box is the red one. Following printed instructions, you can replace the red filter with either the black or the clear one.

One of the problems I often had with earplugs is the fact they wouldn’t fit properly. I was relieved to see EarPeace earplugs have an extra little tip, that helps you hold and adjust them in your ear.

I decided to test the earplugs during an experimental noise/drone set in a small venue. I thought those harsh sounds would be a perfect challenge for the EarPeace HD. Space was so tiny (basically, the equivalent of a rehearsal room!) that I would have to be super close to the speakers – usually a very troubling setting for my ears. Thankfully, the earplugs delivered. Using the default red filter, I was able to enjoy the abrasive textures of the performance, without any pain. I can now look forward to the next concerts, without being afraid of their consequences!

If you would like to know more about the way the filters work and the approximate level of protection provided, here’s a helpful chart:

Figures aside, I totally recommend these EarPeace HD earplugs, they are an instant ‘quality of life booster’. Now I just have to make sure to clip the case to my keychain, so that they are always with me!

You can learn more about these earplugs and order them directly from the EarPeace website.

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