Customize Your MIDI Controller Experience With Grid, Now On Indiegogo

Grid is a new, lightweight MIDI modular solution designed by Intech Studio (a young Hungarian company) with both software and hardware control in mind.
According to the company, it enables seamless interconnection of Grid control modules. The system is expandable and fully configurable.

Intech is launching a crowdfunding campaign for Grid on Indiegogo, so let’s find out more about this interesting product.

More About Grid
Grid offers a tactile user interface, it’s cross-platform and works with any MIDI-capable application. Being a pure controller, with Grid you can do anything you want (as long as it’s MIDI-controllable) i.e. control your favorite DJ software or DAW, play with filters, envelopes or even visuals.

Modules are fully functional on their own, but the fun begins when you create a control surface (the modules are magnetic, as seen on ROLI’s Blocks, and only one USB cable is needed to power up the modules).

The control surface can be easily reconfigured at any time (you can configure LEDs, MIDI channels, CC, sysex, actuator modes and more). Grid is a plug and play experience, no drivers are required.

Not Just For Software
According to Intech, one of the ideas behind Grid is to blur the line between software and hardware control. For this purpose, they are developing the ANA4 module (still a prototype), which can create a bridge between analog synthesizers and computer software. Also, looking at the specs, Grid is Eurorack compatible, which is cool!

Get Your Grid
If the idea of a versatile, modular MIDI control solution has you sold, you can support the campaign and get your Grid modules here (the campaign should be online by the time you read this).
Prices for funders start from approx. $105 ($125 for Europe) per module. You’ll save something if you buy more modules at once.

You can learn more about Grid on the Intech website.

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