Customize and Improve Your Touché & Touché SE

If you would like to get the most out of your hardware or software synths, the Touché and the Touché SE are two expressive and inspiring tools that should definitely be on your wishlist.

Expressive E announced today the release of an all-new set of accessories allowing users to customize their products Touché & Touché SE to their playing style and aesthetical preferences.

Splice Rent-to-Own

Just like one would prefer a different wood type or change the string gauge on a guitar, customers can now adjust the outer and inner workings of Touché and Touché SE to their liking: while out-of-the box, the magnetically-held touch-plate of Touché is either made of polycarbonate (Touché SE) or tinted mahogany wood (Touché), customers may now replace it with a choice of three wood types: The new offer comprises redwood, maple and uncoloured mahogany flavours.

Additionally, the silicon cylinders responsible for the pressure resistance can be exchanged to offer either a lighter or heavier pressure feedback than the original ones coming with the unit.

On the occasion of publishing the new set of touch-plates and cylinders, Expressive E also make spare parts available to be ordered conveniently via their online store. This includes spare USB cables, cylinders and MIDI adapters/cables.

When developing Touché & Touché SE, Expressive E always had customization in mind. They want their products to feel like genuine instruments, and as such they know that it is important to be able to adjust their most important components to each musician’s preference. Here’s what Expressive E themselves have to say about their newest release:

Splice Sounds

​The touch-plate is a very sensitive interface, an area where the slightest touch converts into sound – the sound of your own personal musical expression. Therefore, the quality of the contact surface of each Touch-plate must be flawless and pleasant to the touch.
Since we all have a unique approach when playing an instrument, the touch-plate’s feeling and look has to fit our own sensitivity and preferences.
After a detailed research, we’ve narrowed our choices down to a selection of materials particularly suited for the purpose of the touch-plate. Taking inspiration from both traditional and modern instrument manufacturing, each material has its own feeling and its own look.

The cylinder is the core of our technology. It is what makes our products have an enjoyable instrumental feeling when playing them, and its extreme reliance allows us to convert the smallest move, the slightest vibration into exploitable data.
To achieve this, the cylinder reproduces the incredible precision of human fingertips. Its force feedback offers a fine sensation of motion while keeping a great amplitude of control, enabling a myriad of musical articulations. Each cylinder type has a different shore to it, which defines its hardness.

Pricing & Availability:
The new set of touch-plates and silicon cylinders is exclusively available for purchase on Expressive E’s website.
All articles are ready for shipping starting now, starting from $7.99 for the cylinders to $29.99 for the touch-plates.
Also worth knowing: purchasing a Touché or Touché SE before 1 December you will get 2 free sound expansions, Mercury & Helium (worth $78/78€)!

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