An Affordable Eurorack Case With A Craftsman’s Touch – Odd Aeon Review

Affordable Eurorack case
Eurorack can be a dangerous addiction (there’s a reason why they call it ‘Eurocrack’). One of the most common tips you’ll hear from experienced users is: “buy a case that is larger than you think you need!”.

How very true. A few months ago I quickly outgrew the 6U portable case I started with, and began looking for a new (bigger) one.

The Quest For An Affordable Eurorack Case

My budget was limited so I knew I had to skip the fancy/expensive ones. Browsing through modular groups and forums, I came across some wooden cases from an Italian brand, Odd Aeon.

That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die.
(H.P. Lovecraft)

Some of the pictures I saw caught my interest, and the prices were reasonable. The truth is, the Odd Aeon website with its esoteric (some might say ‘death-metal friendly’) references threw me a bit off at first. Would I end up with some kind of weird, satanic artifact? Oh well, in the days of my youth I listened to Slayer & co., so I decided to contact the guy for more information.

From the Odd Aeon website. Not exactly your average tagline!

Riccardo, the man behind the Odd Aeon monicker, provided some kind, competent and helpful answers to my questions. His sincere enthusiasm for his work had me sold!

Days later I ordered a 9U case. The product was delivered within the following 10 days or so, with the added (and welcome) bonus of a set of 2.5mm screws.

Over The Moon With A Superlunar Capsule

The affordable Eurorack case in question is the SUPERLUNAR CAPSULE, 3U 84hp wide. It features rails with M2,5 threaded inserts (as said, the screws are included), a Doepfer PSU3, three high-quality busboards, some relaxing blue LEDs. All of this for €490 (plus shipping, for buyers outside Italy).

You may notice my modular system is still a work in progress, but I’m happy to report that I’m very satisfied with the Odd Aeon case. It came well packed and it worked as expected from day one. The busboards have plenty of connectors and I didn’t have issues with the Doepfer PSU.

Eurorack case

You can even ask for a custom logo on the case

As you can see in the picture above, I added a little customization – drilling a few holes for the Doepfer A-199 spring rever unit (and a small cable holder).

The SUPERLUNAR CAPSULE may not look as refined as some of its higher-end competitors, but I rather like the little, organic imperfections you find in a craftsman’s work such as the Odd Aeon case. As Riccardo himself puts it: “my creations are characterized by a good dose of craftsmanship, as I do not use numerical control machines. In fact, I want the object to reveal its unique, anti-industrial nature…”.

A nice 3U case

Your next spaceship?

So… If you’re looking for a solid, reasonably cheap Eurorack case with a unique craftsman’s touch, I would definitely recommend Odd Aeons’ creations. On the website, you’ll find more Eurorack cases, from 3u to 15u. Odd Aeon is also available for custom work.

I couldn’t be happier with mine. Let me just get some more modules now…

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