Zerodebug Releases touchAble Pro – Now For iOS, Android And Windows!

UPDATE: check out our Touchable Pro review!

8 years after the release of the very first version of touchAble, Zerodebug releases touchAble Pro. And this time, it’s a cross-platform app (yep, besides iOS it runs also on Windows and Android devices!).

What’s touchAble?

touchAble is full-fledged and customizable Ableton Live controller. Over the years, it defined what a touch controller app for Live could do. touchAble Pro has been reimagined and recoded from the ground up, incorporating years of feedback from musicians at every level.

The team built a cleaner interface, added more powerful customization and allowed the user deeper access to more of the software, from waveform views to editors to automation.

Here’s a video introduction

What’s new

– Audio clip view with waveforms, including side-by-side waveform view
– Edit patterns easier and faster than ever with the new piano roll view
– Draw and edit automations
– Access a tracks I/O right from the app.
– Templates for Live devices are now included at no added cost
– Make your own Device templates, with complete support for third-party plug-ins and Max for Live (IAP, available soon)
– Build your own complete custom layouts with the updated Template Editor
– Make performance-friendly templates that include focus on individual clips and scenes, custom controls and even full modules.
– New layout options: view modules fullscreen or duplicate them side by side

What You Can Do With touchAble Pro

touchAble lets you access all of Ableton Live via simple, robust connections, either wired or wireless, and provides access to nearly every aspect of the software. touchAble Pro builds on that support with an updated interface for all of the features that made touchAble popular:

– Control the transport, metronome, cues, and quantization
– Trigger clips and scenes and control looping
– Arm, mute, and solo tracks
– Adjust monitoring
– Mix, pan, crossfade, and control sends and returns
– Play instruments with grid or piano-style layouts, with scales, note repeat, aftertouch, and velocity (based on finger position)
– Control device parameters, using faders or assignable X/Y pad modules
– X/Y Pad: assign physics, make and morph snapshots or record full gestures,
– Navigate Live’s Browser, and drag and drop Devices or Samples to the set

Here’s a multiplatform demo

For more info check the official website here.

Price and Availability

The app is available now from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Windows Store.

Introductory Price of: $29,99 on iOS – exchange rates and prices may vary across platforms.

The app requires the following operating systems:
-iOS 9
-Android 4.0
-Windows 10

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