Mixvibes Announce Remixvideo Pro and Remixvideo 1.4

Over the past few years, VJing has become ubiquitous – new technologies, more affordable software, etc. It is the reason why Mixvibes created Remixvideo in 2017, receiving a warm welcome within the professional and amateur circles.

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I’m a Remixvideo user myself, and coming from the music production world I really appreciate its intuitive approach and no-frills interface (not to mention the fact that it comes also as a AU/VST plugin and it supports Ableton Link!).

Now Mixvibes introduces two versions of its VJing software: a professional version, Remixvideo Pro, and a (very affordable) standard version, Remixvideo.

As you can see from the image above, Remixvideo Pro gives the users the possibility to share video output with a compatible piece of software (like Syphon and Spout) and to be used also a VST/AU plugin inside a DAW. If you were wondering what happens to existing Remixvideo users, well they are now owners of Remixvideo Pro.

Both versions have been updated for better performances and come with every classic feature:
● Video & audio mix
● 18 real-time video FX / 7 mixing modes to blend videos
● 144 free VJ loops / 36 HQ audio samples
● Visual content generated in real time through 36 generators
● BPM synchronisation / Ableton Link
● MIDI control and MIDI learning
● Autopilot
● Live camera

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You can read more about all the Remixvideo features here.

Pricing and availability
Remixvideo Pro is available at $149. Remixvideo is available at a new price of $69 (actually they’re now both on sale for $99/$49 – don’t miss out!).

You can buy the software directly from the Mixvibes store. If you’re not ready to pull the trigger yet, you can also download a demo version.

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