DARKWAVES: New Drum-Oriented Effects For BLCK_NOIR And GRAND TERMINAL From Endorfin.es

A few months ago Endorfin.es launched BLCK_NOIR, a complex 7 voice analog drum/percussive synthesizer module based around analog discrete Roland CR-68/78 circuits with advanced noise spectrum animation and effect processor.

GRAND TERMINAL is a dual filter, dual envelopes and effect processor which together with any VCO (or itself) creates a full synth voice.

Today the company released a new bank of effects for these two modules, under the Halloween-friendly name of ‘DARKWAVES’.

The effects were specifically tuned for drum processing. Here’s the full list:

– Gated Reverb – to get that typical huge 80s drum sound

– Spring Reverb – a recreation of a spring reverb with almost infinite sustain

– Ping-Pong Delay – follows your clock or manual taps with selectable divider

– Flanger – always useful!

– Ring Modulator – with an interesting feedback feature

– Overdrive – crank it for your bass drum

– Compressor – to get that snappy snare sound

– Freezer – bipolar version with forward and reverse playback

Gated Reverb, Flanger, Ring Modulator, Overdrive and Compressor are brand new effects in this firmware release, while Spring Reverb, Ping-Pong Delay and Freezer were already part of the previous release.

Endorphin.es also updated their ambient-inspired ‘AIRWAYS’ factory effect bank, with a new deeper Chorus effect. Here’s the full list:

– Hall Reverb

– Shimmer Reverb

– Room Reverb

– Plate Reverb

– Spring Reverb

– Ping-Pong Delay

– Tape Echo Delay

– Chorus

The updates are available to download from https://airways.endorphin.es – just choose your module.

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