Apogee’s New Jam+: Sleeker, Sturdier and More Powerful

Apogee got in touch with us to announce the new Jam+, the successor to their popular Apogee Jam guitar interface.

In 2010 Jam was introduced in Apple stores worldwide as the first high quality digital interface to connect guitars and instruments with Mac and IOS devices. Jam set a new standard in mobile recording by combining Apogee’s renowned conversion specs and components into a simple and portable design.

Jam+ continues the evolution in the series bringing the best advances in Apogee’s design and engineering into an all new metal chassis with enhanced PureDIGITAL circuitry for the greatest ‘true tone’ audio resolution. Jam+ now includes a powerful headphone output with zero latency monitoring and overdrive mode to make practise and recording sessions better than ever.


• Studio quality USB instrument input and headphone output
• Apogee’s PureDIGITAL connection for pristine sound quality
• 24-bit/96kHz recording
• Overdrive mode makes virtual amps and effects sound more realistic
• Output Blend feature offers zero latency monitoring and recording
• Includes BIAS FX Jam software from Positive Grid
• Rugged metal body with soft touch base
• No configuration, just plug in and play
• Works with iOS, Mac and PC

Professional Instrument Tone on your iPhone, Mac and PC
Apogee Jam+ is a professional, USB instrument input and headphone output. Jam+ connects your electric guitar, bass, keyboard or any acoustic instrument with a pickup directly to your iOS device or computer. With an adapter (sold separately) you can also connect a dynamic microphone. The simplicity and portability of Jam+ make it ideal for capturing your best take anywhere you go. The ease of use and sound quality make Jam+ a must-have for beginners and pros.

Connect to any Instrument
Connect any instrument-level input you can imagine to your iOS device or computer using Jam+. Synth or keyboard, electric guitar or bass, dynamic microphone* or acoustic instrument with a pickup – it all works with Jam+.
*Requires microphone adapter, sold separately

Jam+ Input Modes
The PureDIGITAL signal path to smooth, noiseless tone, Clean Mode is the ideal setting for pristine, unaffected instrument recording.

Put it in OverDrive
Drive Mode gives you that responsive amp and pedal feel from subtle to snarling distortion and makes virtual amps and FX sound more like the real thing.

Play Without Delay
he Blend feature lets you play and record with zero latency. Jam+ features an ⅛” stereo headphone output and Blend function for zero latency monitoring. The Blend setting allows you to easily adjust how much direct instrument input you hear mixed with software playback, enabling you to dial in the perfect mix.

Three Devices in One
Jam+ is actually an instrument input, A/D and D/A converter and headphone output all rolled into one seamless device. Apogee has designed each part of Jam+ to deliver the highest quality signal possible with the lowest noise – Apogee call this PureDIGITAL.

Listen with More Level
The headphone amp in Jam+ gives you plenty of level and high quality sound to power your headphones or even powered speakers. Whether you’re monitoring as you play and record or simply streaming music from your favorite app, Jam+ improves audio playback quality with sample rates up to 96k.

Free BIAS FX Jam Software
After successfully registering Jam+ on the Apogee website, you will get access to the BIAS FX Jam bundle by Postille Grid. It includes a premium selection of 3 amps and 6 essential pedal effects ($49 value USD). Together, Jam+ and BIAS FX Jam give you amazing and realistic guitar tone for practicing, performing and recording. No additional software is needed to plug in and play right away with professional amp sounds on your Mac or PC.

Price and Availability
$159.99. October 2018. For more info please visit www.apogeedigital.com.

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