4ms Pods – New Eurorack Micro Enclosures Line

Micro eurorack enclosures, anyone? 4ms got you covered. The Portland-based company has just announced a series of eurorack enclosures they’re calling the 4ms Pods.

They have 20, 26, and 32hp versions that are called the Pod 20, Pod 26, and Pod 32 respectively.

All enclosures have 1hp spaced mounting holes. Customers will have powered and unpowered options.

The powered version will come with a newly designed, daisy-chainable supply from 4ms (power brick or jumper cable sold separately). Standard 2.1mm connectors will enable the user to chain Pod enclosures much like the Row Power system.

Plastic plugs will be used to cover these mounting holes if the user would like to supply power themselves, i.e. through the company’s own Row Power 40 (see picture below).

4ms Pods detail

Size and Weight

Pod Dimensions (LxWxH):

Pod20: 6.31 x 4.19 x 1.34”
Pod26: 6.31 x 5.38 x 1.34”
Pod32: 6.31 x 6.56 x 1.34”

Splice Sounds

Weight (unpowered/powered):

Pod20: 5/6oz.
Pod26: 6.2/7oz.
Pod32: 7.6/8.4oz.

Price and Availability

The retail price of the cases will break down unpowered/powered as:

20HP: $55/$99
26HP: $60/$109
32HP: $65/$119

You can use 4ms’ normal Power Brick on these, but 4ms will have a smaller brick available on release.
FYI: a powered case does not include the brick itself. The user will decide whether they need a brick or just a jumper cable to connect to another Pod. Since many people will not need a brick, and 4ms want this to be adaptable; the jumpers and external power bricks are sold separately, just like the Row Powers.

The 4ms Pods should be available in the next few weeks but we’re waiting for further details on this.

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