4ms Pods – New Eurorack Micro Enclosures Line- Available from December 10!

Micro eurorack enclosures, anyone? 4ms got you covered. Last month, the Portland-based company has announced a series of compact, portable eurorack cases they’re calling the 4ms Pods. In the meantime, they have updated some of the details and announced the actual release date (December 10).

4ms Pods – Size Options and Details

They have 20, 26, 32hp and 60hp versions that are called the Pod 20, Pod 26, Pod 32 and Pod 60 respectively. These small Eurorack cases can be pretty handy for a mobile setup or to add some Eurorack flavor to your desktop synths and DAW sessions, without having to bring your entire system with you!

All enclosures have 1hp spaced mounting holes. Customers will have powered and unpowered options.

The powered version will come with a newly designed, daisy-chainable supply from 4ms (power brick or jumper cable sold separately). Standard 2.1mm connectors will enable the user to chain Pod enclosures much like the Row Power system.

Plastic plugs will be used to cover these mounting holes if the user would like to supply power themselves, i.e. through the company’s own Row Power 40 (see picture below).

4ms Pods detail

If you are wondering how many modules these Pods can fit, 4ms says that each Pod typically will house one or two modules, but three or more can be accommodated using a multi-power cable accessory. Also, if you are afraid your modules are too deep, 4ms announced they will have a deeper version of their Pods out soon.

Here below you can see a 26hp Pod with the Squarp Hermod sequencer:



4ms Pods – Price and Availability

The retail price of the cases will break down unpowered/powered as:

20HP: $55/$99
26HP: $60/$109
32HP: $65/$119
60HP: $85/$175

Here’s the 60hp version!

The power supply can handle up to 700mA of +12V for the smaller Pods, and 1.4A for the Pod60, which is plenty of juice for even the most hungry modern digital modules. (Or if you prefer to DIY your power supply, Pods are also available unpowered!)

FYI: a powered case does not include the brick itself. The user will decide whether they need a brick or just a jumper cable to connect to another Pod. Since many people will not need a brick, and 4ms want this to be adaptable; the jumpers and external power bricks are sold separately.

The 4ms Pods will be available from December 10. Please visit the 4ms Pods web page for further info.

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