Watch The Destructive Looping Capabilities of Bastl’s THYME

At ANR we love unique and inspiring sound devices, such as THYME from Bastl. We’ve been covering this crazy effect processor since it was first announced (see here to learn more about THYME’s features), and now we want to show you this new video that demonstrates the Destructive Looping capabilities of the THYME:

One of THYME’s designers, Václav added a comment that goes well beyond the usual marketing blurbs and shows his authentic pride about the device: “I have been playing the THYME for quite a while and has a certain instrumental quality that is quite hard to master – as with any other instrument… it really became one of the most essential pieces of musical gear that I use all the time. I am really proud of it being a real instrument now and not just a dream that I had more than 3 years ago!”

THYME is available for 439 EUR (excl. tax) at selected dealers and Bastl’s own store Get more information from the Thyme product page.

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