VCV Rack 0.6.2 – New Modules and Improvements

For those who are not familiar with it yet, VCV Rack is a brilliant open-source virtual modular synthesizer that allows you to build a software Eurorack-style system for free (with some extra modules available at very affordable rates).

The developer just released a new update, that brings some interesting new modules and features. Rack 0.6.2 has been released with per-module presets (using a new .vcvm format) and a VCV Bridge VST effect plugin. In the previous release, Rack 0.6.1 added power meters for observing each module’s CPU consumption and a MIDI driver for gamepads and computer keyboards.

VCV Spectra is a 16-band spectral designer modeled on the 296r Spectral Processor. Includes an auxiliary input for emulating a second filter bank for easy vocoding. Spectra can also be used as a colorful graphic EQ, a VCF for synth voices, a transient generator for percussion, and an external FX processor.

VCV Parametra is a stereo parametra EQ with 8 filters (selectable from 17 filter types) and full CV modulation for cutoff frequency and gain. Parametra is useful as a subtle effect for mixing or as an instrument itself when used as a VCF. Both of the above VCV modules directly fund Rack v1 development, which will begin when enough funding is raised.

New Mutable-Based Modules For A Good Cause

Audible Instruments Preview is available for $20 and currently includes Mutable Instruments Marbles and Plaits. 80% of sales are donated to the Direct Relief Humanitarian Medical Aid charity. $4,334.79 was raised last quarter.

Soon after each module’s firmware source code is published, they will be available in the open-source Audible Instruments plugin.

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