Sinevibes Luminance – A New Take On Those Dreamy Shimmer Reverbs

If you’re into soundscapes and dreamy sounds, the latest Sinevibes release will likely end up in your plugin folder, like… pronto!
Luminance is an Audio Unit plugin that produces “shimmer reverb” effects – unreal acoustic space simulations which gradually pitch-shift the reverberation tail.

It’s a novel take on this coveted effect (born with the iconic Eventide H3000 and reproduced in different forms in plugins and stompboxes such has Soundtoys Crystallizer, Valhalla Shimmer, Eventide’s own plugins and hardware, Strymon Big Sky, etc.).

In Luminance it’s based on a modern “feedback delay network” design with high-quality interpolation – plus quite a few original tricks such as phase-inverted time modulation, special configurations for damping and signal blending.

All this gives Luminance a fresh and highly musical character: it smoothly follows the original melodies and harmonies and creates a lush background sound layer reminiscent of a dreamy symphony of strings or pipe organs.

Last but not least: being a Sinevibes plugin, Luminance comes with a brilliant interface that’s simply a joy to use. Great job as usual, guys!


  • Feedback delay network with 8×8 Hadamard matrix, cubic Hermite spline interpolation & variable time span.
  • Granular pitch shifter and two-pole low-pass filter for shimmer effect shaping.
  • Sine generator with unique phase-flipped modulation routing.
  • Separate level controls for dry input signal, reverb send and return signals allowing multiple routing configurations.
  • Color-coded graphics with subtle animations.
  • Fully hardware-accelerated rendering with support for retina screen resolution.

Listen to some audio demos on SoundCloud:

Price and Availability:

Luminance is available now for $29. It can also be purchased for as low as 1/3 of its price in Complete Collection ($349) and Creative Collection ($149) bundles.

Further information on Luminance including fully-functional demo version are available on the Sinevibes website.

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