Free Sampled Vintage Typewriter – Anything Can Be Music!

Anything can be music. The guys at Wavesfactory (see our good old Trackspacer review) seem to agree – here’s why they created Typewriter, a Kontakt sample instrument featuring a Royal vintage typewriter. After all, if people like Brian Eno, Max Richter, Matthew Herbert, Thomas Dolby (just to name a few) used a typewriter in their music, why shouldn’t you?

Typewriter has been meticulously sampled at Calmaestudis recording studios using 4 mic positions: close stereo, stereo ribbon, mono and stereo room.

All microphones are controllable from the Mixer page with pan, width, volume, load/purge and separate outputs for each channel.

In the Effects section you can apply up to 8 different DSP effects including chorus, saturation, high-quality EQ and convolution reverb with more than 40 custom impulses.

From the Settings page you can set the number of round robin repetitions, tweak the release volume, velocity curve, and pre-shift or pre-roll of each sample individually.

Recorded with 3 velocity layers and 10 round robin, not only the keys but also paper noises and typewriter hits, rolls and much more. Separate note on and note off samples and one-shots as well.

Download now for free from the Wavesfactory web site

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